01. The [external] applicants for the job will be interviewed next week.
02. The [external] walls on Grace's apartment are very cold.
03. The [external] walls of their house on the coast are being destroyed by the salt air.
04. Martin Luther King said that the good neighbor looks beyond the [external] accidents, and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore brothers.
05. The [exterior] of the building is in bad need of repair.
06. He seems quite cold and unfriendly on the [exterior], but actually he is a very kind, compassionate person.
07. According to the instructions, this medicine is to be used [externally] only.
08. Applied [externally], vitamin E is very helpful in stimulating healing of cuts and burns.
09. Nearly 50% of deaths among children and teenagers aged 10 to 19 are due to [external] causes, usually car accidents.
10. In 1952, the first pacemaker to control the body's heartbeat was fitted [externally] to a man in the United States.
11. The economy of Great Britain depended to a great extent on [external] support during World War Two.
12. The job has been awarded to an [external] candidate.
13. [External] devices connect to ports at the back of the computer.
14. Despite the fact that we are not consciously aware of the [external] world during sleep, our minds continue to actively process information.
15. The [externalization] of feelings of sadness or insecurity can help a person face those emotions and deal with the underlying issues.
16. It's good to [externalize] your anger rather than holding it all in, but you have to control yourself somewhat nonetheless.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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